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Call (951) 768-5398 to speak with a licensed insurance agent.

What You Need to Know About Medicare Hospitalization Coverage in 2024

Posted by Darrell Evans, November 22, 2023

Medicare, the federal health insurance program primarily for retirees, ensures that individuals receive the necessary medical care as they age.  One of the most vital aspects of Medicare coverage is hospitalization. As we step into 2024, it’s essential to understand how Medicare’s hospitalization coverage works and any recent updates.


Understanding the Basics of Medicare Hospitalization Coverage

Medicare is divided into several parts, with different aspects of healthcare coverage.

Medicare Part A.  This part of Medicare primarily covers inpatient hospital care, skilled nursing facilities, hospice care, and some home healthcare services. For most people, Medicare Part A coverage is provided without a monthly premium if they or their spouse have paid Medicare taxes while working. However, beneficiaries are responsible for deductible and coinsurance costs.

Medicare Part B.  While Part B primarily covers outpatient services and physician visits, it also plays a role in hospitalization. It covers some medical services received in a hospital, such as outpatient surgery, doctor’s fees, and certain medical equipment. Beneficiaries pay a monthly premium for Part B.

Medicare Part C. Also known as Medicare Advantage, Part C offers an alternative to Original Medicare (Part A and Part B). Medicare Advantage plans often include hospitalization coverage and may provide prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Part D. Part D is specifically for prescription drug coverage. Although it’s not hospitalization coverage, it is essential for many Medicare beneficiaries as it helps cover the cost of medications they may need while hospitalized.


Key Updates for 2024

Medicare and its associated plan options can change yearly, including the rules and costs of hospitalization coverage. Here are some important updates for 2024:

Inpatient Deductibles. In 2024, the Medicare Part A deductible for inpatient hospital stays is $1,768 per benefit period. This is the amount beneficiaries must pay out of pocket before Medicare covers the rest of the inpatient hospital costs.

Hospital Coinsurance. After the deductible is met, Medicare Part A covers hospitalization costs. However, beneficiaries may still be responsible for coinsurance. For example, in 2024, beneficiaries will pay $442 per day for inpatient hospital stays beyond 60 days and $884 per day for stays beyond 90 days in a benefit period.

Skilled Nursing Facility Coinsurance. If you require skilled nursing care after a hospitalization, Medicare Part A covers the first 20 days in total. From day 21 to day 100, you will be responsible for a daily coinsurance of $221.50 in 2024.

Medicare Advantage Changes. If you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, be aware that plan details, including hospitalization coverage, may change yearly. Review your plan’s Annual Notice of Change to stay informed about any adjustments to plan, costs, or networks of healthcare providers.


Additional Considerations

Understanding your Medicare hospitalization coverage is essential, but it’s equally important to be aware of the potential costs that can come with hospital stays. Beyond the deductibles and coinsurance, some costs, such as medications and services not covered by Medicare, can add up. Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) can help fill these gaps in coverage.

Staying informed about your Medicare hospitalization coverage in 2024 is essential for ensuring you can access the necessary medical care. With the updated deductible and coinsurance figures, beneficiaries should be prepared for potential out-of-pocket costs associated with hospital stays. Additionally, if you have a Medicare Advantage plan, it’s crucial to review any changes to your plan to make sure it aligns with your healthcare needs. Finally, considering supplemental insurance options like Medigap can provide an extra layer of financial protection during hospitalization.


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