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Call (951) 768-5398 to speak with a licensed insurance agent.

Stress Can Affect Many Retirees – And Take a Toll on Your Health

Posted by Darrell Evans, September 17, 2018

During your working years, you probably envisioned retirement as a carefree, stress-free period of your life. You couldn’t wait to finally turn in your notice, and retire to a life of peace and relaxation.

Of course, our dreams and reality don’t always match up. Retirees do experience stress at at times, although for different reasons than the working crowd. You might not face a daily commute or a demanding boss, but you might have to deal with….

Housing woes. While many retirees have paid off their mortgages, others haven’t reached that milestone yet. Either way, you still experience high costs associated with housing.

Property taxes might rise, which is disconcerting for those on a fixed income, and repairs will be needed from time to time. This can be particularly difficult for those who can no longer perform repair work themselves, and must hire potentially expensive contracting services.

Then, of course, are the daily maintenance tasks associated with home ownership. It’s no wonder many retirees downsize to smaller homes with tidy yards, or select a retirement community that provides assistance with errands and yard work. This might be an option worth investigating.

Boredom. During your working years, you associated stress with a tightly-packed schedule and having. Now, the opposite can be true. Believe it or not, having too little to do can also lead to stress via boredom! Transitioning from the routine of a schedule, to having too much time on your hands, can actually provoke anxiety. Try different methods to add a little structure to your life, such as volunteer work, taking on a part time job, or joining regular community activities.

Healthcare issues. Not only is the price of healthcare rising; dealing with chronic conditions, medications, and appointments can be stressful. The strain can be doubled if you’re also caring for a spouse. That’s why we urge you to carefully consider your Medicare plan selections each year during the Annual Election Period, as well as other options such as long-term care insurance.

Since chronic stress can lead to depression, high blood pressure, and even serious issues like heart disease, we urge you to take this issue seriously. And if you’re already feeling the effects, talk to your doctor. Changing your lifestyle can lower your stress and even extend your life.

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