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Call (951) 768-5398 to speak with a licensed insurance agent.

Exercise is Still Just as Important as Ever!

Posted by Darrell Evans, April 20, 2020

While our current shelter-in-place orders have closed recreation centers, gyms, and swimming pools, our health needs haven’t changed. It’s just as important to seek regular exercise, for prevention of both physical health problems as well as mental health decline. In fact, given our tendency toward depression during social isolation, exercise might even be more important than ever!

Naturally, the current limitations on activities can make exercise a bit more difficult to achieve right now. Follow these guidelines to fit more activity into your days.

Consider a treadmill or stationary bike. Some retailers offer in-home assembly for gym equipment. Or, a relative or friend might volunteer to undertake this task for you.

Of course, you should take all reasonable precautions if someone does need to enter your home in order to set up your new equipment. It’s okay to ask that they wear a mask and gloves, and you should definitely disinfect any equipment before using it.

As a bonus, consider having your treadmill or stationary bike installed on a covered porch. You can reap the benefits of sunlight and vitamin D while exercising, and feel a bit more connected to the outside world.

Go for a walk (safely). If you live in a less congested area where it is safe to do so, you can still go for a walk. Just make sure to follow social distancing guidelines, and follow the rules of your municipality regarding masks or other precautions.

Try YouTube classes. Now is the perfect time to try a new activity that has always intrigued you. In the privacy of your own living room, there are no worries about feeling silly! Look for virtual classes in yoga, Pilates, Zumba, or other forms of exercise on YouTube.

Enjoy your own garden. Gardening is still an acceptable activity, although you might prefer to have a friend or relative deliver necessary supplies so that you don’t need to go shopping. Plant a new flower bed or grow your own vegetables. Gardening is great exercise, and is also emotionally rewarding.

Of course, you should follow all of your doctor’s advice regarding physical activity – now and always. If you’re unsure of whether an activity is safe for you, skip it until you can consult with a health expert.

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